May 24, 2008


Art and Ecstacy.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was greatly influenced by the Song of Songs.

The Bridge of Angels (in Italian, Ponte Sant'Angelo) spans the Tiber River in Rome. Only a few steps away from St. Peter's Basilica, the bridge reflects the psychological shift from secular to sacred that occurs when pilgrims crossed from the busy streets of Rome over to the churches of the Vatican. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the famed Italian sculptor, originally designed the bridge's angel sculptures in the seventeenth century. Though few of the angels standing today were done by his hand, Bernini's vision for the bridge lives on.

Most people know St. Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582), the Spanish mystic, prolific spiritual writer, and indomitable Carmelite reformer, largely through the High Mannerist statue that Gian Lorenzo Bernini carved of her in Rome about seventy years after her death: a marble-pale woman of astonishing classical beauty, swathed in swirling nun’s robes except for a lovely bare foot, and bent back half-fainting in an ecstasy that is undoubtedly religious-for an angel is piercing her breast with a spear-but also has clear and disturbing sexual overtones.

Ecstasy of St Theresa
The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
400th birthday of Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
L’esperienza mistica, Una sua rappresentazione nell’«Estasi di santa Teresa» di Bernini
I corpi e le cose: Sensualità barocca ed estasi mistica
Gian Lorenzo Bernini: Estasi di santa Teresa (1647-52)
Estasi di santa Teresa d'Avila
TERESA D'AVILA (1515 - 1582)
Estasi di Santa Teresa, (1647-1651),
Gian Lorenzo Bernini è uno dei personaggi dominanti nel Seicento italiano
What is the Baroque?
mystic marriage......

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