May 23, 2008

for sergio, UFOs in art

The Mayans believed their predecessors came from the Pleiades

The ancient Mayans were brilliant astronomers and mathematicians whose early cities lived in agrarian harmony with earth. ----ancient monuments, mayan----Mayan Time, Prophecy and the Tzolk'in ---An Initiatic Journey to Mexico with a Mayan Elder ----Mayan Incan UFO ET Alien Gods Star Beings---- Top 10 Ancient Civilizations With Advanced Technology -----"MAYAN CONNECTION TO ROSSLYN CHAPEL"----VIDEO Mayan Calendar Explained----The Paranormal in Mayan Lore....

UFO (E NON SOLO...) NEI DIPINTI DI CARLO CRIVELLI----UFO's In Sacred Works Of Art--There's a UFO in my painting!----UFO's In Sacred Works Of ArtThe Immaculate Misconception, ----Gli UFO del Crivelli---Gli UFO in formazione del Panicale ---Evidence on continuous operation of UFOs on Earth---

UFO's In Art History The birth of Jesus
Spacecraft in Art History----Clypeology & Paleoastronautics (Paleoastronautics: the study of eventual astronautical activities found in the past.)----ALIEN ART FORMS IN RELIGION AND HISTORY---IL MIRACOLO DELLA NEVE---Archeologia spaziale ---UFO’S and Ancient Artwork----UFO nel passato---

UFOs in art

ARTE E UFO?----This painting is called "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino"----ufo ancient art---UFO CLUE IN OLDEST ART GALLERY IN THE WORLD----Anomalous Artwork---the unidentified identified------La Madonna del disco volante e altri ufo----UN UFO IN UNA NATIVITÀ DEL PINTURICCHIO---Links ai siti ufologici nel mondo----LA RAI presenta: L'ALIENO "SEGNALI MISTERIOSI DALLO SPAZIO"---Ufo nell'Arte---Alieni e Ufo protagonisti dell’arte ---Christian art, UFO pictures, aliens, Jesus Christ, and ascension---Clear evidence of ufo sighting in 10th and 12th century manuscripts---The appearance of fiery chariots and hovering discs in Renaissance Era paintings----Centro ufologico ferrarese---Il Kgb rivela: gli alieni esistono---

art & UFOs: Ancient Astronauts-- --Objet ou phenomene fugitif observe dans l'atmosphere et dont la nature n'est pas identifiee par les temoins"--Ionel Talpazan UFO Artist-- --UFOs AND RELIGION--UFO's in 15th Century Art website is devoted to the study of the existence of UFOs / UFO (UFOlogy) and extraterrestrial life as well as any contact they have had with the US government and military--Extraterrestrial ART in Nature ----UFO Coming - Planet Engines, 1993, oil on canvas, 30" x 42"--ufo street art-- --ufo ladies--U F O ca1913 by FANTASTIC SALE----UFOs indicate that they might be more evolved than humanity, but would not challenge the core of Christianity, for Christ is still king of the universe. “This means that everything in the universe, including extra-terrestrials and UFOs are reconcilable with God.” --UFO UBA"TNC, 1994 --Ionel Talpazan draws UFOs, over and over again------ufo bis--Beginning in 1947, the U.S. Air Force tracked UFO sightings nationwide--1998 Aztec UFO Poster--This Incas pilot a rocket wit hands and feet and has an inhalator in the nose----Art Gallery - UFO Abduction Series--ufo in an art gallery---True Gems: Indian Rock Art----ufo coffee table--

Ancient Aliens, Ancient Ufo and Alien Drawings----UFOs Ancient Artwork----UFO's In Earth's History---ART and UFOs?---JESUS, MARY AND THE UFO----Renaissance Ufo Art---Ancient astronauts----Robby D. Duncan's "12th PLANET"----The Earth Chronicles series of books is based on the premise that mythology is not fanciful but the repository of ancient memories. The first book, The Twelfth Planet, refers to the probability that there is one more planet in our solar system. That there are twelve members, counting sun, moon and ten planets, not the nine we know of. That people from that planet came to earth almost half a million years ago and did many of the things about which we read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis.---

Sumerian astronaut art----Did aliens create the earliest civilizations or otherwise interfere in our evolution?-----The History of Ancient Sumeria---

other: the pyramids of Montevecchia----



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