May 13, 2008

sunlight & ripples

human ripple: Ripple effect----The Ripple Effect is a term used by the Humanity Healing Foundationin their articles on Spiritual Activism to refer to how positive thoughts and actions expand outward to effect other's lives, who in turn will add to the "ripple" with their own positive thoughts and actions---The Ripple Effect video --The ripple effect: emotional contagion and its influence on group behavior---"Ripple Effect" is an engrossing film of redemption as the guilty man has carried a burden within him for a lot of years and now, when we meet him, he wants to ask forgiveness as he tells his victim what happened that fateful night.-----You know when you throw a stone in the water and you start a ripple? It's pretty easy to throw a stone in a pond and it's even easier to see all the ripples when everyone pitches in. A ripple effect is defined as "the spreading, pervasive and usually unintentional effect or influence."---- 911 ripple effect----- Carter theorized that the first alternate team's trip created a ripple effect from the black hole that is affecting other realities----- The ripple effect: emotional contagion and its influence on group behavior--- The Ripple Effect---- Starting a ripple effect----

make some ripples


effects of sunlight on emotions: Since SAD is a mood disorder often associated with lack of sufficient exposure to sunlight----Why you feel better when the sun shines - how weather affects our emotions-----The effect emotions have on p.H. levels in the body-----Our emotions are largely under our own control, but we often do let outside influences affect them. If it’s rainy and dark, most people aren’t quite as cheerful as when it’s sunny and warm outside. In the wintertime, when days are short, some people get "the blues", otherwise known as "Seasonal Affective Disorder", or "SAD". Sitting under bright lights early in the morning seems to help some people with really bad cases of this. Some effects of sunlight are truly biochemical. Production of vitamin D and melatonin are directly related to sunlight striking the skin. ----Expose Your Eyes to Sunlight----- The Effect of Human Thoughts and Emotions on Weather Patterns-----

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