May 3, 2009

intention and brain synchronization

intentions, what happens to us physically when we work together for a common purpose....
In this study, carried out at the Center for Lifespan Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, in Berlin, Germany and the University of Salzburg, in Austria, the scientists wanted to determine whether our brains, in a sense, ever act 'in tandem' with others when we're engaged in a common purpose, considering that so much of our interaction with the world consists in synchronized and goal-directed actions with other people.



Whole Brain Synchronization ----When musicians play along together it isn't just their instruments that are in time - their brain waves are too. -----Why Brainwave Synchronization Can Be Bad-----Brain wave synchronization is hardly a new technology.----

Music & Science: Brains swinging in concert - brain synchronization while playing guitar-----
Brain Synchronization Can Give You A Headache------

When whole brain synchronization occurs, the left and right halves of the human brain are able will be coordinated at the same frequency. When this occurs, the neuronal cells of the brain are able to conduct the electrical activity of the brain more rapidly, leading to increased brain function.

As brain waves move down from the frequencies of Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta by means of a binaural beat such as Holosync, the activity of the two sides of the brain, left and right, begin to balance. This is referred to as whole brain thinking or functioning. Holosync claims that using both sides of the brain to think, as opposed to just one, as we normally do, is like "thinking in stereo". Whole brain thinking has been linked to increased insight, learning capacity, ability to solve problems, and memory retention. It has also been linked to geniuses such as Einstein, and Mozart, and other outstanding intellects.

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