Jun 1, 2009


Hands, originally uploaded by PaperRelics.

Hands help us think.

A new type of neuron--called a mirror neuron--could help explain how we learn through mimicry and why we empathize with others----Why our brains cherish humanity:
Mirror neurons and colamus humanitatem----Mirror neurons and imitation: A computationally guided review----Feel Alive! Thrive with the Cross Crawl ---The Cross Crawl is simply a cross-lateral walking in place exercise. ----homolateral crawl, dance-----

Hand Gestures Aid Language Learning----Gesture Paves the Way for Language Development----

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LANGUAGE AND OBJECTS----Language, Gesture, and Space----The association between scalp hair-whorl direction, handedness and hemispheric language dominance:: Is there a common genetic basis of lateralization? ----

Brain, language, and handedness: a family affair---------Functions of the human nervous system » Higher cerebral functions » Hemispheric asymmetry, handedness, and cerebral dominance---

Alien hand syndrome----alien hand syndrome----Alien Hand Syndrome-----

The Seventh Sense-----Proprioception: how and why?------


The Gestural Basis of Spoken Language---The Origin of Speech----

Neuroni Specchio. Lo specchio dell'altro ----I NEURONI SPECCHIO DI GIACOMO RIZZOLATTI ----Mirrors in the Brain: How Our Minds Share Actions, Emotions, and Experience -----Attenti al neurone----

the role of the hand in perception.....

Ten Step Hand Reflexology Self Treatment---Interesting What This Foot Reflexology Chart And Other Charts Show----

Reflexology Live blog----Rock Walking for Healthful & Graceful Aging-----Walking on rocks is rooted in traditional Chinese holistic medicine and has been around for centuries. Walking on rocks not only massages your feet and feels wonderful, it has proven health benefits as well. Some say that the soles of your feet can also be the gateway to the rest of your body.----

Training Hand reflexology video----SooJiChim Hand Reflexology at Solaris Massage-----

Arm & Hand Massage

Hand Massage Lesson

Excellent Face Massage Lesson

Hand Massage : Hand Massage: Palm--

Facial Reflexology Sue Ehinger ----

Chinese Self Massage----Palm reading to reveal your health - TCM can tell----

Palm Therapy Provide Positive Effect on Brain!----Hand Facts: News about hands!----

History of the PYRO-ENERGEN---

Chi Energy Palm Test----How To Make a Real Psi/Chi Ball----Learn to Create a Thoughtform - Chi Ball----The Chi Ball is one of the most simple and effective ways of sending healing energy and attunements. It is simple because it is your energy that forms the Chi Ball. ---Psycho Kinesis----

talky blog with rob: how to make an energy ball

Using Your Palm Chakras for sensing energy and healing----

basics of personal energy management---

The human body is electromagnetic and electrostatic energy, often called an auric field. It responds to sound, light and color and changes from moment to moment. ------

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This is a well thought out post on hands. Now I understand why we do what we do using our hands. There are responsible and irresponsible hands and that's because of the information you shared here. Thanks

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