Jun 21, 2009

Cosmic Ray Station

Studying the effects of cosmic rays.....

One thing that really worried people interested in space exploration was the effect of cosmic rays and other events upon the astronauts. ---Green Myth-Busting: Cosmic Ray Flux----Cosmic Rays----Could the diminution of cosmic rays this century have limited the formation of clouds, making the Earth warmer?---The 62 Million Year Extinction Cycle Explained----

MYSTERIOUS COSMIC RAYS TRAPPED FOR STUDY IN SCIENTISTS BASEMENT (Feb, 1933) ---COSMIC RAYS MAY FORECAST WEATHER (Mar, 1931) ----Build Your Own Cosmic Ray Detector for £40 And Be The First On Your Block to Announce the Coming Global Cooling ----

Did Cosmic Radiation change evolution and kick-start religion?----

This octave of the electromagnetic spectrum, about a million times higher frequency than the octave our eyes respond to, contains very little energy that originates in our solar system. Almost all of the energy in this band is a result of unbelievably energetic radiation coming from the far reaches of the universe, 'Cosmic Rays'. ----


UFO's In: ART and UFOs?No thanks, only art...---UFO's In Earth's History---

Carl Sagan on Human Brain

Galactic Alignment----Pyramids as Cosmic Ray Shelters.-----The New Age Pyramid ------Cosmic rays vs climate on Earth ----

Funambulus: Rope Walkers & Equilibrists, A Potted History Using Quotes & Anecdotes Through the Centuries,From Material Researched by Hermine Demoriane,TightRope Walker & Author,Author of “The Tightrope Walker”

Can Cosmic Rays Provoke Fortean Miracles?----

Bhagavadgita Pages----

Quantum to Cosmos ----

An energy of empty space? Einstein was the first person to realize that empty space is not nothingness. Space has amazing properties, many of which are just beginning to be understood. The first property of space that Einstein discovered is that more space can actually come into existence. Einstein's gravity theory makes a second prediction: "empty space" can have its own energy. This energy would not be diluted as space expands, because it is a property of space itself; as more space came into existence, more of this energy-of-space would come into existence as well. As a result, this form of energy would cause the universe to expand faster and faster as time passes. Unfortunately, no one understands why space should contain the observed amount of energy and not, say, much more or much less.

High Energy Particle Creations: PLacing the Universe into Perspective?

White BUffalo Calf Woman promised to return and guide us through the "Shift of the Ages". As 2012 rapidly approaches, we are wise to adopt a cosmic perspective.--

EGYPTIAN MOTIVES IN THE 'ENGLISH' CEMETERY in florence----The Search for Hidden ChambersOn the Giza Plateau, Part I---

One of the greatest of all Cosmic Laws is that which is responsible for the formation of man as a material being. The great aim of the mystery schools of all ages has been to reveal the workings of the Law which connect man the material and man the spiritual.

Using Cosmic Rays to Probe Ancient Maya Ruins----Cosmic Rays And Why Global Warming “Skeptics” Are Not Well ... More cosmic rays, more clouds-----EGYPTIAN MEDICIINE-PART iii ---New study casts doubts on origin of cosmic rays----YouTube - Ancient Egyptian electricity?----Mysterious Origin Of Cosmic Rays Uncovered? SciScoop Science News ----

The Great Powers of Pyramids--The pyramids where built by older civilization then the Egyptian we know.----The ancient Egyptians, our ancestors, studied the cosmos closely and recognized that great powers hold the universe together. ----

NASA''s Fermi telescope reveals new details in cosmic mystery ---

William found mica at Abu Garab in Egypt that is similar to what is found at Teotihuacan in Mexico. He suggests that the fact that this substance was gathered at both places may mean that a very advanced civilization existed in both places in the past, that was capable of making use of some of the electrical capabilities of mica.

Edgar Cayce Predictions---

Informazioni su questo libro Anteprima libro Mary Magdalene Di William Henry

Boundary stela with Queen Nefertiti and Princess Maketaten----foto

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