Nov 12, 2009


healing mantras , Extract: Some Simple Mantras, If You Are Just Starting Out

The Mantra Om — Symbol of Primordial Vibration----
OM Mantra and 7 Methods of Practice---

Hari Om Vibrations / Organ Meditation And How it prevents as well as drains out cholesterol and other fatty depositions inside and outside of the arteries?

“Om e Gayatri Mantra”

"Sound is more than simply a medium or artistic expression.Sound has practical and powerful applications in the real world."

om gum ganapatayei namaha mantra

John Dee, Dee did not draw distinctions between his mathematical research and his investigations into Hermetic magic, angel summoning and divination. Instead considering all of his activities to constitute different facets of the same quest: the search for a transcendent understanding of the divine forms which underlie the visible world, which Dee called "pure verities".----

singing stone is rare and valuable Chinese traditional medicine material----Magnetic Hematite Singing Power Stones----

Kundalini Yoga Dance the Chakras

Power of Kundalini ...explains psychosomatic....

Yoga Shakti - Solar Flow 2

Yoga Shakti - Lunar Flow

Yoga Hip Opening Poses for Beginners : Yoga: Hip Opening Lunge

Silent? Sitting? Walking? Visualizing? Chanting? ----the mantra may be repeated audibly, as a whisper or then silently. This depends upon your mental state. If the mind is disturbed or you are drowsy, it is best to repeat the mantra audibly and then progress towards whispering and then to the silent thought of mantra. Beginners may also proceed from audible repetition to the more powerful silent repetition. ----

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