Feb 10, 2010

Bernini's Ecstacy of St. Theresa

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Gian Lorenzo Bernini and The Song of Songs....


Gian Lorenzo Bernini---BERNINI, Gian Lorenzo --Bernini , The Great Sculptor of the Baroque --Baroque sculpture in Rome ---Baroque and Rococo---


Ecstasy of Saint Theresa----Saint Theresa was a nun who was canonized (made a Saint by the Church) because of the spiritual visions she experienced. She lived during the middle of the 16th century in Spain—at the height of the Reformation----Bernini’s Portrayal of The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa ---

"The pain was so great that I screamed aloud; but at the same time I felt such an infinite sweetness that I wished the pain to last forever. It was not physical but psychic pain, although it affected the body as well to some degree. It was the sweetest caressing of the soul by God."

Piously reared as she was, Teresa became completely fascinated by stories of the saints and martyrs, as was her brother Roderigo, who was near her own age and her partner in youthful adventures. Once, when Teresa was seven, they made a plan to run away to Africa, where they might be beheaded by the infidel Moors and so achieve martyrdom.


Christian theologians have long discussed whether the Song of Solomon should be taken as a literal love poem or as an analogy of relationship of God with His Bride----Sights and Sounds of the Song of Songs---

Study Guide for Poetry of Mystical Love ---The Mystical Experience---Mystical Eroticism----

Hieros gamos---

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