Jul 28, 2010

"paint by numbers" dress

"paint by numbers" dress, originally uploaded by Los Ojos.

Dialectical Dress

links related to THE MYTH OF THE GODDESS:

Demeter and Persephone---

The Eleusinian Mysteries, Why One Would Take Part In The Rites of Demeter---The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies---Part Three: The Eleusinian Mysteries----

=== THE "ELEUSINIAN" MYSTERIES AT POMPEII ===---The ancient Roman religion known as the Mithraic mysteries has captivated the imaginations of scholars for generations. There ---

Eleusinian Mysteries and Divina Comedia---The History of Magic Di Eliphas Lévi----

Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between, a moment of undetermined period of time in which something special happens. What the special something is depends on who is using the word. While chronos is quantitative, kairos has a qualitative nature

Gods of the Greeks book----Sacred Dance: Encounter With the Gods (book)---The People of the Secret book---The Turning Point: Science, Society, and the Rising Culture book----Imagination Is Reality: Western Nirvana in Jung, Hillman, Barfield, and Cassirer book---Saving the Appearances: A Study in Idolatry. book---Wholeness and the Implicate Order book---Countertraditions in the Bible: A Feminist Approach book----

The Gospel of Thomas----Logion 70, The Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that within you, what you do not have within you will kill you."---

THE GNOSTIC JESUS---The Gnostic Jesus---

The Divine Feminine Principle ----more divine principle....

gumelnitsa lovers-----more----

Catal Huyuk a Neolithic Town in Anatolia---

The Amazons (Greek: Ἀμαζόνες, Amazónes, singular Ἀμαζών, Amazōn) are a nation of all-female warriors in Classical and Greek mythology. Herodotus placed them in a region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (modern territory of Ukraine). Other historiographers place them in Asia Minor [2] or Libya.[1]

snakes: celtic snakes----snake symbol----snakes represented rebirth----snake goddess----goddesses and serpents----

baubo figurines----baubo figures from pirene---more---even more---related----sheela-na-gigs---yoni----more---still more---mother goddess----goodluck---

cabiri---cabiri mysteries----more----


yawning and its benefits---more benefits of yawning---conscious yawning----yawnology----ore yawnology----yawning to open meridians----

air baths and ben franklin----more franklin and air baths--more--hydrotheraphy---my grandmother's airbaths----

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