Mar 25, 2011

she tried giving him a star

Primitive Constellations.
In the 1980s deep underground particle decay detectors in Europe and the United States, as well as ground-based air shower detectors, registered anomalous incoming cosmic rays unlike any others registered before. They bore a 'fingerprint' periodicity of 4.8 hours, previously recorded in connection with X-rays and infrared radiation coming from a binary star system named Cygnus X-3, located some 30,000 lights years away on the other side of our galaxy.----

Is the cygnet the quintessential baryon?----

The Secret of Cygnus X-3----

Cosmic Rays And The Cygnus Mystery---

Looking for the 5th dimension in Cygnus X-3 - faCEBOOK

the cosmic connection BOOK BY CARL SAGAN--

Cosmic Rays and the Origin of Species--

Life on Earth Came From Other Planets ----

What are cosmic rays?

galactic cannibalism---

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