Sep 3, 2011

is someone hacking your brain?

frequencies and mind control....

UK INTELLIGENCE FORCES AND MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL.....Microwave weapons that turn people into stressed, confused, submissive zombies are being used in Britain's inner cities. Developed by the communists, microwave weapons similar to microwave ovens have since the 1980s, been targeted on inner city council estates. These weapons transmit extremely low frequency (ELF) signals which mimic natural brain waves; at the flick of a switch, all the people around these microwave transmitters are turned into submissive zombies who cannot think clearly, become depressed, apathetic and want to lounge around all day doing nothing: the inner city malaise found on Britain's streets. With the advent of new ELF detectors designed by the author's research teams, the mass mind control of the metropolitan UK population can be proved. ELF signals are officially only found at nuclear submarine communication stations, so the researchers were shocked to find microwave and UHF, mind control signals in city centres, the author's flat, being sent through mobile phones, the BT telephones and from the numerous transmitters that dot the country.

Electromagnetic Mind control---Mind Control Through Extra Low Frequency Waves---

patents for mind control devices----- mankind is in the transition from the age of matter to the age of frequencies----- "Frequency Fence" is slated for implementation onto global society. This Frequency Fence is a bio-neurological, electromagnetic induced form of mind control which will block your higher sensory abilities. A literal "perceptual harness" or "mental prison" will be built around you without you even knowing it is happening, and the scariest part is, your five senses will not alert to you that anything is wrong.


Many people don’t understand that electromagnetism is inherent in human anatomy and controls human physiology. Every time a muscle moves, there are electrical discharges. Brain waves are electrical, all the sensory information that moves through the body to the brain is electrical. Enzymes, which keep the whole organism of the body informed about various aspects about itself, are electrically influenced. Cell division is electrical, the signal for the body to initiate wound healing is electrical, and the heartbeat is electrical.

Utah prisoners----

The Current Ongoing Psychological War For Your Mind---
Effects of 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves---
We Can Defeat Them With Ether Energy Orgone Blasters™!!---
scroll down for effects of elf radiation----

The Taos Hum Study----

Massive Mind Control and Tea Party ---

related: the truther girls---- Andrija Puharich's splitting water through ultrasound quantum phonon resonance free energy machine ---- Dr. Andrija Puharich (in the 1950 & 60s), found that a clairvoyant‘s brainwaves turned to 8 Hz when their psychic powers were operative. In 1956, he observed an Indian Yogi controlling his brainwaves, deliberately shifting his consciousness from one level to another. Puharich trained people via bio-feedback to do this consciously, that is, creating 8 Hz waves with the technique of bio-feedback. A psychic healer generated 8 Hz waves through a hands-on healing process, actually alleviating that patient‘s heart trouble; the healer‘s brain emitting 8 Hz. via----

Dystopian visionary quotes from Brzezinski's book "Between Two Ages" written back in 1970--

other: Ageless Forever with Ellie Schirra-----


++++++Protecting Yourself from Being ContinuouslyCooked in ELF Radiations----
Marijuana and Radiation Protection ---

How to Block Microwave Mind-Programming Signals a do-it-y9urself instuction----

montalk--- the gullible mind----

battlemind--- Digital TV: Mind Control by the Sound of Silence----

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