Jul 8, 2012

still working on my container garden......

The popular green and red bell peppers that we see in supermarkets are actually the same thing; the red peppers have just been allowed to mature on the plant longer, changing color and also gaining a higher content of Vitamin C.

Pruning Peppers at 4-5 Weeks---

How to Trim Pepper Plants---

Small wire tomato cages make good supports for large bell pepper plants.

Eggplant is a member of the nightshade family, all of which contain toxic alkaloids. (Potatoes, tomatoes and peppers also belong to this clan.) While all the fruits of the family are perfectly safe, don't eat any other part of the plant.---

What To Do For Eggplant Blossoms Drying Out And Falling Off---

Vegetable flowers----

transplanting seedlings:  Plants that have been growing outside at the nursery can go right into the ground, but greenhouse-grown plants are lush and soft and have never known a single day of sunshine in their lifetimes. You have to introduce them slowly to the harsh, real world.----  

HARDENING OFF SEEDLINGSYoung, pampered seedlings that were grown either indoors or in a greenhouse will need a period to adjust and acclimate to outdoor conditions, prior to planting in the garden. This transition period is called "hardening off". 


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