Apr 18, 2013

Paul McCartney’s ears

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Karna Kuntal, son of Kunti, an unwed mother, was born with earrings  ('Kundala' )

Buddha had largeear lobes probably to indicate that his ears had been stretched having worn for so long large ear ornaments.  But, having chosen a life of renunciation, he no longer wore earrings.

Images of the Buddha, like this giant carving in Leshan, China, almost always depict him with unusually long earlobes. This is not a stylistic choice by the artist, but a powerful symbol in Buddhist art + Iconography of the Buddha

Ear (mesedjer)....Appearance: The human ear as seen in profile was often used symbolically in Egyptian art. Either the left or right ear was used; and unlike the Eye of Horus they both carried the same meaning

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THE EAR + Status, Symbolism and Spirit of the Mayan Ear Flare + Did Aztec men wear earrings?

see:  Earrings for Paul McCartney's Ears at Art for Housewives blog



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