May 27, 2013

Cleopatra and Aloe.

presumed bust of Cleopatra via CLEOPATRA'S EMERALDS....

(aloe vera seemingly is the only thing known to heal atomic burns ) + aloe produces fibroblast cells  + The Bible refers to aloe calling it the “bitter herb”  + Mahatma Gandhi said it was one of “the secret forces” that kept him alive during his fasts.

DIY: Aloe Vera Gel + Aloe Vera: Nature's Silent Healer book + Beauty Secret of Cleopatra Finally Revealed with a list of related links +Who Was Cleopatra? Mythology, propaganda, Liz Taylor and the real Queen of the Nile + Cleopatra was renown for her beauty. She seduced Julius Caesar and then Mark Anthony + Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets, Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes of Cleopatra + Ancient Perfume + Beauty Queen: What perfume did Cleopatra dab behind her ears to impress Mark Antony and Caesar? 

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